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A NFT (check here) RPG game built on Chia Blockchain



Chia Dungeon is an RPG NFT game developed on the Chia Blockchain. The game's mechanics involve exploring dungeons (currently under development), battling monsters, and collecting items, many of which are NFTs.

To play the game, the requirements are straightforward: (1) You need a Chia wallet to generate an XCH address; (2) You must mint a DID address within your wallet. This is an easy task, as minting a DID only costs a few mojos; (3) Each player will receive a Dungeon ID, which must be transferred to the registered DID address.

Currently, Chia Dungeon is in its alpha stage. As such, the content may feel limited, and the dungeon mechanics somewhat simplistic, potentially leading to a less engaging experience. However, the developer plans to continually add content and enhance the game's mechanics.

The game's creator, known as "CI," is a steadfast individual who believes that blockchain technology should be applied to real-world use cases. CI holds that the value of NFTs should be based on their functionality rather than exclusivity or speculative hype. CI views blockchain as a permanent database for the secure and efficient exchange of digital assets. If you have feedback or suggestions for CI, be aware that he is quite firm in his design and development philosophy.

Upcoming Updates of Chia Dungeon:
(1) Five levels of dungeons, monsters, and NFTs
(2) NFTs affect actions & commands of players
(3) Dungeon generator for creating random explorable map for players

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